Cold lamination - stripe

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Cold lamination - stripe

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Floor mounted film

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Cold laminationCold laminationCold laminationCold lamination
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Scope of application:

The floor mounted film is mainly used for ground advertising protection, anti-skid and wear-resistant, and is widely used for ground advertising protection film in subway, shopping malls, elevators, and other places.

Product characteristics:

① Anti-slip and wear-resistant, protect and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the picture;

② Easy to clean and maintain good flatness and anti-shrinkage after posting.

As the golden partner of ground advertising, it can be seen everywhere in urban subways, high-speed railways, airports and commercial supermarkets. It can not only escort the colorful "beautiful scenery" under the foot, but also provide a safety guarantee for passers-by in a hurry.

Cold lamination



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