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1、Enterprise Spirit

Solidarity - building a team with mutual understanding and sincere cooperation;

Innovation -- constantly opening up thinking, surpassing oneself and keeping pace with the times;

High efficiency -- saving time means reducing costs, saving resources and creating wealth;

Learning -- learn from the past, absorb the essence, enhance the value and create the future.

2、Corporate Credo

People oriented and common pursuit -- that is, to establish a good management mechanism of "people oriented" within the enterprise, and to realize the pursuit of maximum enterprise benefits in the pursuit of maximum personal value of employees.

Take customers as the first and create the future together -- that is, outside the enterprise, always take meeting customers' needs as the starting point, seek common prosperity and development with customers, and create a brilliant future of the enterprise in the process of continuously meeting customers' needs.

3、Quality Policy of The Company

Outstanding quality -- we control the quality of our products with international standards;

High quality products -- we provide value-added products in the eyes of customers;

Sincere service -- we will exchange sincere and cordial service for customer satisfaction.

4、Quality Objectives

Accurate delivery and perfect after-sales service;

Solve customer complaints within three days;

The factory pass rate of products shall be 100%.

5、6S Content

6S: short for "sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, accomplishment and safety"

Tidy up -- keep what you need; Remove what is not needed;

Rectification -- after positioning, it shall be clearly marked; After use, return to the original location;

Cleaning -- Frequently wipe machines and equipment; Be diligent in maintaining the workplace;

Clean - keep the site in a beautiful state at all times; 3S effect before maintenance;

Literacy -- transform human nature; Improve the first 3S effect;

Safety -- create a safe production environment; Maintain personal safety

Economization - make rational use of time, space, resources, etc. to give full play to their maximum efficiency, so as to create an efficient workplace that makes the best use of everything.




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