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How to paste outdoor advertising stickers?
Addtime: 2022-07-20

Advertising sticker

Advertising stickers are sticker-type back dry adhesive tapes, which are used to print various advertisements on the back dry adhesive tapes, which are common stickers on the market. Advertising stickers are widely used in the production of advertising signs, shop windows, indoor and outdoor instructions, light box production, store decoration, display interface, car drawing, etc. So, how to paste outdoor advertising stickers? Next, follow the manufacturer of the Respect advertising sticker to find out.

1. Use a towel to clean the stickers you need to post. If there is any residue, it will be ugly after pasting.

2. Lay the advertising rack you want to post advertisements flat, and be sure to lay it flat so as to facilitate the next operation.

3. Pour detergent water on the sticker, because detergent is slippery, so your sticker advertisement will not stick to the sticker immediately. If it is not used, it will stick quickly, and it is not easy to deal with bubbles.

4. Open the advertising poster you want to paste, press it with one hand and pull it slowly with one hand. If the advertising poster is large, two people are recommended to operate it.

5. With something like a book, as long as there is a corner, drive the detergent water out in one direction with great force, so that no bubble will be generated at all, and after the detergent is driven out, the advertising post and the advertising rack will be really stuck together. If you have a hair dryer, it's better to turn the wind to the middle gear and blow it gently. It's better if you don't put it in the sun for a while.

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