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Is the body advertising sticker strong?
Addtime: 2022-03-16

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Is the body advertising sticker strong? Many consumers are confused. The stickers used in the car body advertisements are different from the similar mounting we see at ordinary times. Next, we will give you an answer.

Car body advertising stickers are called car stickers for short. The film structure of car stickers is divided into three layers:

The first layer of film is made of transparent film, which is mainly used for waterproof and sunscreen functions;

The second floor is a vivid high-definition picture sprayed by spray painting technology;

The third layer is the back glue, which can be pasted on the object on the car. Don't underestimate this layer. It is easy to paste and tear off. And some black back glue you see can make the picture opaque, and the picture is not affected by light vision from all angles.

The car body advertising stickers are made of imported ultra-thin polymer polymerized poly-hydroethylene and imported pressure-sensitive oil-based adhesive combined with dense and uniform release paper. They have bright color, corrosion resistance, firmness and durability, and stronger heat resistance, toughness and ductility. The fabric is attached to the body surface. In addition to its bright colors, it has more texture and feel, which is in sharp contrast with the traditional chemical changes of the paint surface such as glazing, coating and painting.

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